DealFox revolutionizes

Deal origination

in M&A, Corporate finance,
Private Equity & Investment.

NOW ALREADY offering competitive advantage & pre-launch partnerships

Launch September 2023

Multiply your Dealflow X10

Our Business is to source & find exclusive investment opportunities for


45K+ Investors

to look at your deals

Invest. You or your clients seek investments, acquisitions or assets to yield maximum returns

Finetune. You define your investment criteria precisely

Find: You get deal opportunities and fill your pipeline in your dashboard (after NDA)

35K+ Advisors

to source deals

Finance: You or your clients want to sell their asset or raise capital         

Structure: You structure the information and generate a professional pitch/teaser

Reach: You define your level of confidentiality, list your deal anonymously to a huge qualified audience



Best Sell-side meets Buy-side


Only open to regulated professionals


The premier digital B2B Marketplace with A.I.

Your Deal

You own your deal! No referral or success fee charged


Structure, secure & manage your deal flow anonymously


The next generation of BizDev

Off Market Deals

Sourced by the Trusted advisors of the owners

Pre-Qualified Deals

Sourced by regulated professionals only

Distressed Assets

Owners want to sell promptly, make a bargain

Accelerated Dealmaking

Algorithm boosts B2B acquisitions

Personal Dealflow

Tailormade to your criteria


Confidential & secure process

Full Service

Synergize all departments (M&A, wealth, private)


Variety of cherry-picked asset classes

Beat the Competition

Gives you a competitive edge


The 3 key challenges, Investors face in deal origination


The challenge of « deal sourcing ». All competitors scan deals from the same limited sources.
Poor « sell-side » opportunities saturate the market. It’s hard to find off-market deals which fit our strategy.


The challenge of competition. The investment sector has become highly competitive, with many investors
fighting for the same deals. Competition drives up the cost of investments, reducing returns.


The challenge of complexity. Increasing compliance, risk and burden require heavier due diligence, financial, operational, legal checks. This impacts the profitability

Activate Leads

Transform your clients’ needs in concrete work

Billable Hours

Activate & increase your revenue

Success Fee

Maximize your value towards clients


Present deals in a way that speaks to investors

Confidential & Anonymous

Maintain your professional ethics

Help Your Clients

We help you help your clients

Enlarge Your Network

Multiply by 1000 your contacts in finance & investment

Capital Raising

Personal matchmaking with investors


Embrace the digital future with security


The 3 key challenges, Trusted Advisors face in deal origination


The challenge of visibility. With so many businesses seeking investments, standing out to
attract the right investors is a struggle. Advisors don’t know where and how to search.


The challenge of confidentiality. Be sufficiently visible without divulgating the
anonymous aspects of the deal. This requires sophisticated advice and the right balance to go to market.


The challenge of information. Trusted advisors do not always understand the expectations
of investors. Their information on deals is often poorly structured

Talk to our CEO

Prof. Laurent Marliere
Chief Executive Officer

« Ai & Technology cuts the « middleman« . Many banks, funds & firms will go out of business. DealFox respects the specificity of our industry. We use Tech cleverly to strengthen their role towards the client. »

Talk to our CIO

Santiago Malter
Chief Information Officer

« We use the best in-class technology & latest innovations to service the banking, investment & advisory sectors. Our job is to build the best UX whilst offering the highest security« .

Talk to our CKO

Zineb Bensaïd
Chief Knowledge Officer

« The battle of competitiveness is won on the field of information. We provide exclusive actionable insights to our Users and Partners ».


  • Law firms
  • Accountants & fiduciaries
  • Auditors CPA’s & Tax Advisors
  • Tax & Finance Advisors
  • M&A + MBO Advisors
  • Insurance Brokers
  • TM Agents
  • Notaries & curators
  • Public & government agencies


  • Banks/Corporate finance
  • Investment Funds
  • Investment Banks
  • Private Equity & alternative
  • VC’s & Angels
  • Wealth & asset managers
  • Family offices
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Insurance & RE companies

How Dealfox works

Compliance, KYC & ethics    

Only regulated professionals (lawyers, accountants, auditors, M&A advisors, bankers, fund managers, VC’s, family offices, government.& public officers,…). can onboard the platform, we require a KYC. You must respect your local professional ethical rules and we require you to do so.


Your clients’ name & details are never asked. They are only communicated upon your decision, when you have signed an NDA with an interested regulated party, outside of the platform. You master the level of confidentiality of your Deal or investment criteria.


Our cutting-edge security measures safeguard your transactions and personal information at all time. Encryptions of data. Your name & details never appears until you sign an NDA with a potential interested party. Our company is based in Luxembourg. Our servers and datas are held in the EU.


Sell-side or buy-side Users are asked to inform other Users if they (1) operate for themselves, (2) have an existing mandate from client, (3) are in the process of getting the mandate, (4) want to share or transfer a client’s mandate to a third party (i.e. financial intermediary…).


Our platform does not provide financial services, investments, loans or financial transactions (except for Users’s subscriptions to use our services). We do not operate with “success fees” but you can with your clients, if allowed in your jurisdiction.


We bring the ultimate solution between Human Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence in M&A & corporate finance.


We develop the latest state-of-the-art tech solutions. Our algorithms ensure that your buy-side or sell-side objectives are easily met and that your dealmaking is accelerated.

User friendly

We provide you with an easy, intuitive, and effective User experience.


Our only business is “matchmaking”, deal origination, lead generation. Our platform is engineered to boost your business.

Corporate solutions

Get even more benefits from our platform by developing a tailor-made solution for your company or department.